WAM Calculator

You can use this WAM calculator to work out future course marks to end up with a particular WAM at the end of your studies. To use it, you will need to know your current WAM, the total uoc required for your program, how many uoc you have completed already, and how many (if any) of the courses in your program are non-graded (e.g. are pass/fail courses, exchange credits). You can find that information on your transcript from myUNSW and the online Handbook if necessary.

The WAM calculator is an Excel spreadsheet with macros enabled that you will need to download.

Please read the disclaimer and tick the checkbox to agree to the terms and enable access to the WAM calculator.

Disclaimer: The WAM Calculator is intended to assist students in calculating future course marks in order to achieve a hypothetical WAM. UNSW accepts no responsibility for the use of this calculator and it cannot be submitted as formal evidence for advice from the university or its staff.