Permission to Participate in Lectures Online

When: Term 3 2019 
Where: School of Education

Rules and procedures for permission to participate in lectures online:

  • Permission to participate in lectures online is granted by the School of Education only on a case by case basis.
  • This option is not available for method lectures, intensive courses, site-based study courses, EDST2002, EDST6760, EDST6761, EDST6765 or any tutorials.
  • A student is permitted to attend only one EDSTXXXX lecture series, per semester, in online mode.
  • Participation in lectures online is only available if recordings are available for the lecture venue and the Course Convenor has agreed to allow lecture recordings (recordings will not be available for most Master of Education and Undergraduate elective courses which are normally timetabled in non-recorded rooms)
  • If approved to attend lectures online, students must still attend any lectures that contain assessment tasks, hurdle requirements or class quizzes. If the student misses the assessment task lecture there is no obligation on the Course Convenor to schedule a make-up quiz or test and the student can receive zero for the assessment task. It should be noted that in many courses a failure to complete an assessment task can be grounds for course failure.
  • If approved to attend lectures online, a student must provide the Course Convenor with a 400-500 word summary for every week of the lecture series. The summary should be submitted by email before the next lecture is scheduled. i.e. even if the student is able to attend the face-to-face lecture in a given week, they are still required to submit the summary to confirm lecture 'attendance'.
  • For a student who is approved to attend lectures online, meeting the attendance requirement is based on the number of summaries that are submitted on time. e.g. in a 10 week lecture series, 8 summaries need to be submitted on time to constitute 80% attendance.

Minimum academic requirements for participating in lectures online:

  • Undergraduate students must have completed at least 24 units of credit if in their degree program.
  • Student must have passed all attempted courses in the previous semester. 
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Student must have a minimum overall WAM (average) of 65.
  • Students are not eligible if repeating a course that they have previously failed.
  • Students are not permitted to undertake more than one course per semester.
(e.g. EDST5112)
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