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Our online booking system is being updated and may create issues when booking an appointment. If you need help making a booking, please call 02 9385 2289. 

Online Assistance

For help making an appointment, please call 02 9385 2289.

For Online Assistance, please allow up to 5 working days for a response.

For pre-booked appointments, please head to your Academic Advisor's room in the Nucleus Student Hub (library main entry level 2). If your Academic Advisor is in an appointment, please wait in the waiting area by Rooms 5-9.

  • Alessandra (Advisor 1) is located in Room 8.
  • Tracy (Advisor 2) is located in Room 5.
  • Nikki (Bachelor of International Studies Advisor) is located in Room 5.

Academic advising is personalised academic advice based on all available program options in favour of your earliest possible graduation date.

This confidential 30-minute session provides advice to students whose academic progression is/ has been/ may be affected by mitigating circumstances, including: 

  • Commitment
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Employment
  • Problems at home 
  • Transition to student life
  • Interest in another program
  • Repeated fails and/or failed pre-requisites
  • Maximum times to complete 
  • Advice navigating your course structure
  • Specialised support services within UNSW for additional help to stay on track

Please note:

You may receive a short survey via email to provide your academic advisor with more information prior to the meeting.

Academic advisors are able to liaise with faculties, Disabilities Services, Elite Athlete Program, Nura Gili, Student Development International, Success and Wellbeing services.

Skype meetings are available Tuesdays or by request.

Alessandra Mecozzi Saha

Dr Alessandra Mecozzi Saha is a registered sport psychologist and Justice of Peace. She is dedicated to helping students improve their academic performance and increase their enjoyment of it.

Alessandra has worked with student athletes at Boston University, Tuffs University, high school students in Boston schools and academies, as well as hospitals in Rome and Boston, in both maternity and adolescent psychiatry.

She collaborated more locally with student-athletes from the Queensland Academy of Sport, students from the University of Southern Queensland, local high schools and Laureate International Universities before coming to UNSW.

Alessandra is an active member of UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Diversity and Cultural Working Group and specialises in advice to Elite Athletes.


Tracy Costa

Tracy Costa brings to her role, qualifications in counselling, psychology and educational studies. She is committed to ensuring students gain the most out of their university experience in a meaningful and productive way.

Tracy has worked extensively in higher education as an educator and counsellor with a focus on encouraging student engagement through identifying their strengths, establishing clear goals, and utilising appropriate support resources.

She previously specialised in assisting music students to develop effective management strategies for addressing performance anxiety and maximising their performance potential.

Tracy is currently completing a Masters of Social Work and endeavours to incorporate a person-in-environment perspective for identifying student issues and facilitating effective early interventions.

If your academic standing is Good, UNSW has no concerns about your progress. 

You may find it useful to speak with an academic advisor if you would like help navigating your program requirements in relation to any of the following:

  • Commitment/ motivation 
  • Problems at home
  • Employment/ finances
  • Health
  • Academic skills
  • Accommodation

If your academic standing is Referral, it means that UNSW is concerned about your progress. Let your academic advisors know if you believe there is no longer reason for concern. A quick email to an academic advisor is a great way to ask questions if you are unsure.

If your academic standing is Probation, it means that UNSW is very concerned about your progress. We strongly advise a meeting with an academic advisor to discuss your circumstances, review all academic options and ensure that you are accessing all the right support.

If your academic standing is Provisional, it means that UNSW is extremely concerned about your progress. We strongly advise a meeting with an academic advisor to discuss your circumstances, review all academic options and ensure that you are accessing all the right support to avoid Suspension or Exclusion.

If your academic standing is Suspension, UNSW is extremely concerned and believes that a break from your studies is required. If you believe your academic standing level has been incorrectly calculated, please email If you wish to appeal against Suspension, please follow the guidelines in "How to Appeal your Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion".

If your academic standing is Exclusion, UNSW has serious concerns about your ability to complete your program. If you wish to appeal against Exclusion, please follow the guidelines in How to Appeal your Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion.

If your academic standing is Pending, it means that your academic standing cannot be calculated because of late or withheld results. 

If you are returning from Suspension, we strongly advise that you make a time with an academic advisor to discuss how your circumstances have changed since the last time you were enrolled. We recommend that you do so before Census date.

Arts & Social Sciences is the program authority for the following programs:

  • All Education programs
  • All Music programs (except Music/Law)

School of Maths and Stats has its drop-in centre

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for Business 

Peer tutoring and mentoring in Law

Visit your International Student Advisors for help with Academic Success and Your Visa.

Please click the link for information on How to reduce your study load.

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are:

  • group study sessions between Week 2 - Week 10 that are facilitated by PASS leaders, who are current students and have excelled in the course
  • voluntary weekly sessions
  • designed to maximise your understanding of the course content and to develop study skills and relevant exam techniques
  • attached to courses that over time have proven to be challenging for students
  • proven to produce higher course marks for students that attend regularly.
  • open to all students enrolled in the PASS supported course
  • a relaxed and casual study environment

Registration for PASS T2 2019 is now open in Moodle. If you have issues registering on Moodle, please attend your preferred PASS session and register with your PASS Leader on the day.

For more information on attending PASS or how to become a PASS leader, email

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How to apply for a review of results

Appeal your academic standing of Suspension or Exclusion

Submit a complaint within the faculty

Report sexual harassment, assault and misconduct

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The last day to withdraw WITH academic penalty (AW) for T3 2019 was November 25th.

Internal Program Transfer applications for T1 2020 closed Friday November 22. The acceptance period for successful applicants will be open from Tuesday January 28, 2020 to Friday February 7, 2020.