'Publish in 12 weeks' is a structured online program that guides candidates towards the successful publication of ongoing thesis and post-thesis work. 

It includes a series of recorded lectures based primarily on the book ‘Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks’ by Wendy Belcher (2009).

The self-directed program is available to all enrolled HDR candidates at any time during their candidature, as well as all staff, especially Early Career Researchers.

Follow the instructions below to access the program:

  • Visit UNSW Moodle
  • Enter your user ID and Password
  • Click ‘Agree and sign on’
  • Click on ‘Site home’ to access the UNSW Moodle homepage
  • Search for the course by typing ‘Publish in 12 Weeks’ and click ‘Go’
  • Click ‘Publish in 12 Weeks’
  • Select ‘Self enrolment (Student)’ and type the enrolment key: Publish12W-participant

We encourage participants to organise ‘Writing Groups’ among themselves to work on their paper. To make the most of the program, you will need:

  1. A draft article. This can be short like a conference paper (2-3k words), or lengthy, like a long PhD chapter (12-15k words).
  2. Between 60-90 minutes per day during the week for twelve weeks to work through the exercises and complete the assigned tasks. During week five of the program it is suggested that you set aside a whole day to revise your literature review.
  3. A work colleague (e.g. another PhD student) not necessarily from the same discipline who is willing to give you feedback on the very first version of your draft.
  4. A writing partner, who will discuss key elements of your developing publication with you. Preferably this is someone who is also working on writing an article. 
  5. An expert in your field or subfield (probably one of your supervisors) who can give you feedback on key elements of your work as it progresses (the abstract, arguments, etc.).
  6. An expert in your field/subfield who can provide advice about journals in your field, and what journals could be targeted.
  7. An experienced academic writer in the same or a related field who is willing to give feedback on a full final draft of the article.

Advice for PhD Students wanting to Publish with their Supervisors by Professor Andrew Martin & Dr Rebecca Collie – School of Education, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences

Advice for setting up writing groups by Dr Claire Aitchison