The UNSW Arts & Social Sciences research education and training program provides students with training in both professional skills and academic skills.

Our program is based on the HDR Scholar Skills Framework which aims to provide HDR students with a set of skills that will allow them to successfully complete their thesis and become active scholars.

Framework Attributes

The HDR Scholar Skills Framework focuses on four main attributes:

Rigorous scholar

  • Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deploy sophisticated concepts, methodologies and tools in the field of research.

Progressive professional

  • Students have a strong understanding of research ethics, integrity and codes of conduct and can implement long-term research plans within a set timeframe.

Global citizen

  • Students are committed to political, social, geographical and cultural diversity in order to maximise the contribution of their research to the global community.

Personal skills

  • Students cultivate personal qualities which will help them successfully complete their PhD.

Program Structure

The research training program at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is structured around the following elements:

  1. PhD confirmation for first-year students
  2. Online training courses
  3. Face to face workshops
  4. Publishing your research
  5. Online training courses

The research training program at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences uses the Epigeum ‘Research Skills Master Programme’ online provision of courses.

Epigeum is an offshoot from Imperial College, London. The online courses have been developed by a wide range of UK universities including those in the esteemed Russell Group of universities.