This guide provides information on expectations throughout an HDR candidature, when feedback is requested on written work.

Recommended Supervision Practices Throughout Candidature 

  • At the start of each semester, supervisors discuss with their candidates their availability, especially periods away from campus, heavy UG marking or preparation time, or working towards their own research deadlines 
  • Supervisor and candidate to meet fortnightly during the first 6-9 months of candidature 
  • The turn-around time for supervisors to comment on chapters of ca. 10K words is (e.g. 2) weeks. 
  • It may take candidates up to (e.g. 4) weeks to write a full draft from scratch. 
  • Candidates should attend at least 2 research seminars per term in areas relevant to their research 
  • Candidates should send “minutes” to supervisor after each meeting. This should include, as a minimum, agreed actions and deadlines. The supervisor should acknowledge receipt of minutes and accuracy of the content.

Prior to Submission

Students and their supervisors should set out expectations, timeframes or dates, as for example:

  • Candidates to inform supervisors of the more intense submission-and-turnaround schedule in the final 6-9 months prior to submission. 
  • Candidates and supervisors to meet to discuss the frequency of revised chapters that will be sent to the supervisor/s, the turnaround times (e.g. a polished chapter a month; feedback in a week). 
  • Supervisors to be clear about the times when they expect to be particularly busy or unavailable across this period. 
  • Candidates to adjust their own timeline according to supervisor’s availability and stick to deadlines so that supervisors are able to provide feedback in the recommended timeframe. 
  • Candidate to provide notice in advance if these timelines need adjusting. 
  • The date of submission of the complete draft to supervisor/s must be made explicit. It is advisable that this date be at least a month prior to the anticipated thesis submission date. 
  • Supervisors to read a maximum of (e.g. 2) drafts per chapter and (e.g. 2) full drafts. 
  • The secondary supervisor reads the full draft (e.g. 6) weeks prior to submission.