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At UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, we offer deep thinking across a broad range of subject areas. Our flexible, interdisciplinary approach with a diversity of programs will feed those eager to be challenged. We tackle the big issues facing the world today and students are encouraged to engage with and make sense of the complexities of contemporary society.   


Our undergraduate degrees allow students to explore big ideas, create new knowledge and tackle the most pressing social issues. We’re committed to attracting and supporting the highest quality students who will actively play a part in the nature of change and will challenge the world around them.

Our honours programs give you the opportunity to generate new knowledge for our current and future generations. Honours is offered to high-achievers who wish to further their undergraduate studies and embark on a one-year, independent research project.

Our postgraduate degrees are taught by leading academic staff who are thought-leaders in their field of study. Graduating with a postgraduate degree enables you to pursue your career with industry-relevant knowledge, undertake professional development and gain professional accreditation.

Our Postgraduate Research programs have some of the best completion rates for higher degree research in Australia, demonstrating our excellence in research supervision. As one of our PhD, Masters or MPhil students, you'll be part of an exceptional community of scholars and an impressive cohort of students.

Future Students

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences empowers students to embark on opportunities that will shape their future.    

We provide students with career-focused degrees and cutting-edge research programs delivered by passionate educators. With exposure to global opportunities throughout your degree, your learning will take place both in and beyond the classroom.  

Whether it’s broadening your general knowledge, pursuing postgraduate research, or upskilling to take the next steps in your career, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences will help you towards an exciting and fulfilling future.

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Current Students

We're here to help you gain the most out of your studies as an Arts & Social Sciences student.

You'll find details on your courses; enrolment requirements; student advising and the facilities and support programs available to you.

We've also provided a number of student resources, including all the various forms and policies you need.

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International Students

When you choose to study at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, you have an opportunity to explore big ideas at one of the world's best universities. UNSW is located in one of Australia's most exciting cities: Sydney.

We have a diverse and vibrant community of more than 53,000 students. In fact, over 13,000 of our students are from over 120 different countries.

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