Is there a tax advice gap in Australia?

UNSW Tax Clinic’s mission is to improve access to tax justice for financially vulnerable individuals and small business by mobilising tax teaching, pro bono advice and breakthrough research to fight the effects of financial hardship and reduce inequalities by supporting the most disadvantaged in our community.

This seminar will provide an overview of the National Tax Clinic Program (a free and independent network of 10 university-based pro bono tax clinics), discuss the work of the UNSW Tax Clinic (the first tax clinic in the National Tax Clinic Program to be integrated into the social impact ecosystem), and describe the UNSW Tax Clinic’s research agenda, which includes quantifying the staggering otherwise unmet need for tax advice in financially vulnerable individuals and small businesses.

This seminar will also outline the range of research collaborations that have helped further the UNSW Tax Clinic’s mission, including exploring mental health outcomes, financial wellbeing and economic abuse.

Dr Ann Kayis-Kumar is Founding Director of UNSW Tax Clinic and Senior Lecturer at the UNSW Business School’s School of Taxation & Business Law. Ann's research conceptualises tax as a mechanism to achieve social justice across the taxpaying spectrum, ranging from improving the integrity of taxing multinationals to improving the wellbeing of financially vulnerable individuals and small businesses.


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