Distilling our changing relationship with alcohol during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many changes to alcohol availability, places for alcohol consumption, along with experiences that may change the motives for consuming alcohol. Media has noted that alcohol consumption is increasing; other sources report decreased alcohol consumption. What has been going on?

In this webinar we will present new longitudinal research on people’s alcohol consumption over the last six months, and how it has changed.

Join us if you are interested in understanding more about:

  • Decreases in alcohol consumption
  • Increases in alcohol consumption
  • Changes for different age groups and genders
  • Whether changes are sustained as restrictions are eased, and
  • Policy impacts, such as the closure of licensed venues.


Presenters from the Drug Policy Modelling Program:

Professor Alison Ritter
Dr Claire Wilkinson
Michala Kowalski



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