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At UNSW Social Sciences, the study of Politics and International Relations focuses on the complexities of government and global politics. We help you think critically about the most pressing challenges that face our world today. We also enable you to unpack complex international issues and learn how to formulate impactful solutions.

The result of studying Politics and International Relations is an intricate understanding of the forces that mould political development and our world at large.

Learn from Leading Academics & Thought Leaders

From political instability to conflict, national security to great-power rivalry, climate change to human rights and inequality, our scholars take a dynamic approach to help you understand the forces that shape the world.

You’ll learn how to critically examine the nature of power and its influence on society from a contemporary and historical perspective. Our academics are not only teachers, but they’re thought leaders with active, political engagement on a global level. Ultimately, making Politics and International Relations one of the most exciting and rewarding fields of study on offer at UNSW Arts and Social Sciences.

Become a Global Contributor to Change

Studying Politics and International Relations at UNSW provides you with the essential skill-set to become a thought leader and change maker of the future. Our Undergraduate students pursue career paths in government and non-government organisations across the world stage, including:

  • Public Affairs Consultant
  • Political Researcher
  • State/Federal Member of Parliament
  • Intelligence Officer
  • National Security AdviserForeign Policy Adviser
  • Border Control Adviser
  • Surveillance Officer
  • Consular Officer
  • Political Adviser
  • Diplomatic Service Officer
  • Political Journalist
  • International Development Worker
  • Political Campaign Director

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Our Undergraduate degrees investigate political theory and international relations using critical and interdisciplinary perspectives. Our degrees are designed to develop your theoretical understanding and pragmatic skills to engage with politics. You'll understand the key elements of political systems in an increasingly globally integrated and fragmented world. 

Expand your career opportunities and expertise in Politics and International Relations through an Honours specialisation. Admission to Honours in the Politics and International Relations specialisation is available to students who have a grade average of 70% in a particular program of study. Honours involves both coursework and advanced research training with an extra year of university study.

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Our Master of International Relations opens the pathway to an international career in diplomacy, journalism, the NGO sector, international business, academia and more. You’ll specialise in understanding and evaluating modern regional and global developments. Whatever your career choice, you’ll know how to bring solutions-focused responses.

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UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Postgraduate Research students undertake research through the supervision of our leading scholars. In the subject area of Politics and International Relations, students can choose from a Doctor of Philosophy or a Masters by Research.

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