Subject Areas

Discover our high-impact subject areas at UNSW Social Sciences. These subject areas combine theoretical knowledge with practical application. From criminology to social work, each area is designed to help you become a contributor to social change.

Evaluate the criminal justice system using a practical and real-world approach. Through significant research projects, develop skills in policymaking, crime prevention, national security, law enforcement and more.

Acquire the skills to negotiate the complexity of global development. Provide solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges from urbanisation to environmental health and from poverty to inequality.

Through a major or minor in Geographical Studies at UNSW you will explore the intersection of social and environmental relationships through geography. You’ll gain the skills for jobs in urban management, environmental advocacy, regional planning, policy analysis and more.

Think critically by unpacking the international politics that shape our world today. Examine politics and international relations through a contemporary and historical perspective and learn from our team of renowned thought leaders.

Study the social issues and policy interests of our community. Our academics are concerned with the forces of influence that shape specific fields such as disability, housing, development, economic and regulation.

Make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities at all levels of society. From counselling and advocacy to community work and research and policy, you’ll learn how to make a positive impact beyond the social and cultural environment.

Explore the realities, conflicts and challenges of social life by asking the big questions: ‘What makes life meaningful?’ ‘Why do we disagree, and why do we care?’ You’ll be introduced to fresh and innovative perspectives that will challenge everyday cultural assumptions.

Organisational units