Welcome to our Social Science Data Guide: A guide for quantitative and qualitative data on our areas of research strength in the School of Social Sciences.

This page is meant to orient students and researchers interested in empirical research on democracy, peace, human rights or development to several well-known global datasets. 

Each link provides information on: where to download the data, short description of the dataset, key variables covered, the time period covered by the data, the geographical coverage of the data, and what sources the data is based on. In additional information we provide brief background information on methodology, institutional support, and funding of the datasets; and references provides references to codebooks and articles presenting the datasets.

Please note that this Data Guide is meant to inform students and researchers about what datasets are available, we do not endorse or critique particular datasets. For discussions on validity and reliability of particular datasets, please be referred to the academic literature on conceptualisation and measurement of democracy, peace, human rights and development indicators.

If you find an important dataset is missing from our list, please get in touch.

Below you can find more information on datasets in each of our areas of research strength.

Searching data

To search for data in particular countries, time-periods or topics, please go to the Social Science Data Guide repository.

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Visualising data

Visualising your data is key to telling your story. Here are some links to excellent (free) web resources to create data visualisations, ranging from pie charts, to world maps to word cloud images.

If you have found resources on visualisation that you think are useful for others and you would like to share, please get in touch.

Analysing data

If you are new to statistical analysis, UNSW Stats Central offers statistical advice and short courses on a variety of statistical methods.

Welcome to our Data Guide for data on Elections, Democracy and Autocracy. Below we present several well-known datasets on Elections, Democracy and Autocracy.

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Datasets on Elections

Datasets on elections include macro-level datasets on election events, including information on election dates, election winners and losers, vote and seat shares, the quality of elections, and presence of electoral fraud; as well as micro-level datasets on citizens public opinion and voting behaviour in elections based on survey research. We first present macro-level election datasets and then present datasets collecting individual-level election data.

Datasets on elections

Datasets on citizen public opinion & political behaviour

Datasets on Democracy

Datasets on Autocracy

In this section we present a few important datasets on Peace, Conflict and Human Rights.

For an extensive overview of other data on conflict, please see the Princeton Database on conflict.

In this section we present a few important datasets on the quality of governance and economic development:

For an extensive overview of other data on governance & development, please see the Macro Data Guide.

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