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Leading Social Sciences in Australia & Beyond   

Hallmarked by our innovative multidisciplinary degree options, our world-class academics, the global impact of our research and our commitment to social justice, UNSW School of Social Science is leading the way for teaching and research in 21st-century social sciences. We’re renowned globally for the strength of our research and leading academics, putting UNSW School of Social Sciences at the forefront of Social Science in Australia and beyond.

World-Class Academics Answering The Big Questions  

Our research extends across a diverse range of areas encompassing traditional, emerging and trans-disciplinary subjects. We’re driven by the pursuit of new insights that help solve society’s most significant and complex issues.  

Our leading academics are actively engaged in contributing expert opinion and scholarly knowledge to many policy fields. Their expert research is widely published, producing leading publications including books, and research articles in prominent Australian and international publications.  

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Unique & Innovative Study Options  

A key factor setting our School apart is the innovative ways we can cater to the practical career needs of your undergraduate and postgraduate study. With unique dual degrees and programs, like our combined Criminology and Social Work degree – the only of its kind across Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight (Go8) Universities – our School provides sophisticated opportunities to tailor your studies to your individual interests.   

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A Focus on Work Integrated Learning  

With our strong emphasis on work-integrated learning, our courses are designed to prepare students for employment across a diverse range of sectors within social sciences. We’re renowned for our real-world approach to your study and structure learning content with the ultimate goal of setting you up for success in your chosen career pathway.  

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