Young Carers: Social policy implications

Past project

This project analysed three interconnected aspects of young carers’ life circumstances:

  1. the costs incurred by young carers in relation to education, training, labour force participation and access to market income; social and friendship activities; and health and well-being
  2. the private and public benefits of the reciprocal relationships of obligation and interdependence in which their care relationships are embedded
  3. the social policies that impact upon young carers and their families.

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council - Linkage Program

Non-Staff Involved

Deborah Mitchell (ANU), Samia Michail (formerly SPRC)


Cass, B., Brennan, D., Thomson, C., Hill, T., Purcal, C., Hamilton, M., and Adamson, E. (2011). 'Young carers: Social policy impacts of the caring responsibilities of children and young adults (PDF)' (PDF)

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