Self managing NDIS packages: promising practice for people left behind

Current project

The project is preliminary research to explore the conditions and resources conducive to NDIS package self management in the interests of the person with disability. It scans the current conditions in Australia that facilitate or mitigate against NDIS self management and what other resources show promise for including people traditionally left behind in the all-or-nothing approach to self management.

The research questions are:

  • What is the experience of self management of NDIS packages by people with disability?
  • What conditions have contributed to building the proportion of people using self management?
  • What resources show promise to include people usually excluded from self management, such as people with cognitive and psychosocial disability?

The methods include:

  • secondary analysis of NDIS quarterly data on rates of self management (characteristics of participants and packages) 
  • case studies of self managers, selected to explore conditions of people usually excluded from self management, and
  • public workshops inviting people to contribute experiences and ideas about promising resources to support self management.

Please contact the researchers if you would like to participate.

Disability Innovation Institute, UNSW Sydney

  • Sally Robinson, Flinders University
  • Frances Quan Farrant, People With Disability Australia
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