NSW Continuous Care Pilot Evaluation

Past project

The Research was conducted by the Disability Studies and Research Centre. 

The Continuous Care Pilot aimed to provide advanced case coordination over a 15 month period to 20 people under the age of 55 with progressive neurological conditions who were at the risk of premature placement in residential aged care. DSRC researchers investigated if this Pilot delivered significant benefits to the clients and their families and if such an approach decreased the usual overall costs by reducing the use of acute/sub-acute health care services and admissions to residential aged care. The evaluation methods included analysis of client case files and financial data, case studies and interviews with clients, family members and carers, case managers, Continuous Care Pilot staff and service providers.

People Involved

Ariella Meltzer

Non-Staff Involved

Beth Goldblatt and Brooke Dinning

Partners / Collaborators

Multiple Sclerosis Limited


Goldblatt, B., Muir, K., Meltzer, A., Dinning, B. (2010), Evaluation of Continuous Care Pilot (PDF), Multiple Sclerosis Limited, Sydney. (PDF) [1 Mb]

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