Making a difference: building on children's perspectives on economic adversity

Governments allocate a large volume of resources to address the needs of children. Investigating children's perspectives on the nature and impacts of economic adversity in the family, at school and in the community will provide a better understanding of how policy can make a difference to children's lives. The direct involvement of major government and non-government agencies in this research will strengthen its relevance and impact. The resulting improvements in service design and delivery will generate substantial economic and social benefits in areas that align with the designated national research priorities.

Project Type/Affiliations

Australian Research Council - Linkage Grant

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council

Non-Staff Involved

Tess Ridge (University of Bath), Janet Stanley (Brotherhood of St Laurence) and Anne Hampshire (Mission Australia)


Making a Difference: Building on Young People’s Experiences of Economic Adversity (PDF) [2 Mb] (Final report)

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