Individual funding: Building community capacity through action research

Past project

How are people with disability managing the transition towards individualised disability support? The project is a national comparative study of the impact of individual funding policies at Commonwealth, state and territory levels, using a mixed-method approach. Research partnerships with disability community organisations in each state and territory support the data collection and build research capacity among the organisations, people with disability and their supporters. This builds capacity within the disability community, strengthens peer support around individual funding and develops research competence. The findings will inform the development of government individual funding policies, the responsiveness of disability support providers to the new policy landscape, and the capacity of the disability community to use the opportunities presented by individual funding.

Co‐production in peer support group research with disabled people

What can we do in our research group? Different ways to do research This booklet gives some ideas about different ways that people do research. The ideas are split into different types of activities so you can easily find the ones you are interested in: talking, writing, taking photos, using technology, doing creative activities, getting out and about.

Self-directed disability support: building people’s capacity through peer support and action research

Self-directed disability support (SDDS): building community capacity through action research (research plan)

Disability Policy and Research Working Group (DPRWG)

Ngila Bevan (People with Disability Australia)

Sally Robinson (Southern Cross University)

Sam Cooper and Peter Finn (SPRC Interns)

Ariella Meltzer

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