Growing old in a rapidly changing world - aged in China

The project is building on earlier ARC-funded research and the important research partnership that has been developed with the China Research Centre on Ageing (CRCA) to investigate how the aged are faring in terms of their economic status (as measured by income and access to resources), their social status (as indicated by within-family interactions, patterns of social and political participation, and attitudes to family roles and social change), and their health status (as indicated by self-assessed health, use of health services, and the financial and non-financial barriers to health care usage). This involves detailed analysis of a unique dataset not elsewhere available to Australian researchers, combined with a series of focus group discussions and face-to-face interviews with aged people that will explore their life histories and ‘flesh out’ the lived experience of ageing in an era of rapid economic and social change. A series of comparisons with the aged in Australia will highlight similarities and differences in objective and subjective conditions and point to areas where policy must address common concerns.

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Australian Research Council: Linkage Grant 

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Australian Research Council - Linkage Program

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Kaiti Zhang (China Research Center on Aging) 

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