Evaluation of the self-directed support pilot for children and young adults with a physical disability

SPRC and Griffith University evaluated the Self Directed Support Pilot. This pilot included case management, community engagement and individual support funds to enhance independence, capacity and resilience of children and young adults with a disability, as well as their families and carers. Data collection included surveys, interviews, administrative data from participants and stakeholders to evaluate the critical success factors and outcomes for participants in the Self Directed Support Pilot. The evaluation informed improvements to the program and implications for NDIS through a baseline analysis developing quantitative and qualitative instruments, a longitudinal analysis, and final analysis.

Funding Agency

Queensland Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Non-Staff Involved

Lesley Chenoweth, Sally Robinson, Natalie Clements (Griffith University), Christine Eastman


Robinson, S. Fisher, KR, Gendera, S. (2016) Can case management squeeze hope from small self-directed support packages?, Asian Social Work and Policy Review DOI: 10.1111/aswp.12095

Project Files

2010_10_Report10_10_SDS_Evaluation_Plan.pdf (PDF) [252 Kb]

2011_6_2_SPRC_Report_Series_611.pdf (PDF) [219 Kb]

2011_10_SDS_Evaluation_FINAL_report_March_2012.pdf (PDF) [446 Kb]

Final_SDS_Evaluation_report_Aug_2012.pdf (PDF) [905 Kb]

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