Evaluation of Direct Funding Trial

Past project

This project evaluated a Direct Funding Pilot for participants of the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme. Lifetime Care provides treatment, rehabilitation and care for people who have been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in New South Wales.

Lifetime Care is planning to offer scheme participants the opportunity to have increased choice and control over the way their supports are delivered and managed. The trial of direct funding of attendant care was used to test the direct funding process and inform best practice for a future rollout of direct funding as a service option across the agency.

The evaluation methods used included interviews with trial participants and a comparison group, focus groups, review of program data, and a cost analysis. The evaluation measured the effectiveness of the direct funding model to meet the needs of participants and Lifetime Care.

Funding Agency

Lifetime Care & Support Authority NSW

Partners / Collaborators

Époque Consulting


Direct Funding Trial: Final evaluation report (PDF) [1 Mb]

Direct Funding Trial: Final evaluation report (Word version)

Direct Funding Trial for Attendant Care Support: Evaluation plan (PDF) [410 Kb]

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