Evaluation of the Camperdown Common Ground Project

The Camperdown Common Ground Project aims to provide permanent, affordable accommodation and support services to 52 chronically homeless people. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the Project’s effectiveness in facilitating sustainable housing for this target group. The evaluation involved gathering, collating and analysing data to understand its impact on residents; structure and processes of service delivery; and the costs and benefits of the Project. The evaluation aimed to inform future planning of the Project and contribute to the evidence of what works to house chronically homeless people in Australia.

Funding Agency

NSW Family & Community Services - Housing

Non-Staff Involved

Jane Bullen (formerly SPRC)

Shannon McDermott (UNSW School of Social Sciences)

Elizabeth Whittaker, Olivia Schollar-Root, Lucy Burns (National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW)

Hal Pawson (UNSW City Futures Research Centre)


In-Depth Evaluation of Camperdown Common Ground: Permanent housing for vulnerable long-term homeless people (Final report) (PDF) [3 Mb]

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