Effectiveness of individualised funding approaches for disability support

Past project

Disability policy problems include both high unmet demand for support services and client dissatisfaction with the responsiveness of services to their needs and preferences. One policy response to this problem has been to offer various approaches to individualised funding. The research explores the cost effectiveness of approaches to individualised funding for disability support services. Secondary data and primary research of various individualised funding approaches to disability support are analysed against the policy goals of cost and outcomes.

Funding Agency

NSW Human Services - Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ADHC)

Non-Staff Involved

Rosemary Kayess, Brooke Dinning, Kim Walker, Carmel Laragy, Lel D'eagher - Disability Studies and Research Centre


Effectiveness of individual funding approaches for disability support (Occasional Paper Number 29 (PDF) [2 Mb]

Laragy, C., Fisher, K.R., Purcal, C., Jenkinson, S. (2015), Australian individualised disability funding packages: when do they provide greater choice and opportunity?, Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 9(3): 282-292.

Purcal, C, Fisher, K.R., Laragy, C. (2014), ‘Analysing choice in Australian individual funding disability policies’, Australian Journal of Public Administration. 73(1): 88-102.

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