Disability Employment and Digital Economies

This collaborative research analyses the opportunities of social economy and digital technologies for facilitating social participation of people with disabilities in Australia and China. It examines networked strategies to address issues of social inclusion and exclusion. Based on current case studies in both countries, it analyses new approaches to social development and justice through examples of strategic partnerships involving people with disabilities, government, business, and civil society through digital and enterprising activities. The international comparison offers insights on news paths and partnerships that enable people with disabilities to achieve agency, social recognition, and economic security while making contributions to innovative approaches to sustained development

Fisher, K.R., Yu, H., Li, B., Goggin, G. (2018), Disability employment in China: Empowerment through digital solutions, in Stepan M, Duckett J. eds, Serve the People - Innovation and IT in China‘s social development agenda. pp 61-71. MERICS Mercator Institute for China Studies, Berlin. https://merics.org/en/report/serve-people

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UNSW Arts & Social Sciences

Haiqing Yu (Lead CI) UNSW Arts and Social Sciences

Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney)

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