Developing an effective system of child protection In China

The purpose of the study is to explore the extent, nature and causes of abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect facing children in China. The research is examining the functioning of the existing child protection system, and the extent to which it provides an adequate response to children’s need for protection. This project will break new ground in examining this topic. It will put forward recommendations for consideration by the Chinese government and civil society for appropriate action, including effective remedies and preventive and rehabilitative measures at the international, national and local levels. This project will be of benefit to Australia I a number of ways. It will provide Australia with greater knowledge of child protection practices in a major East Asian society, where kinship and family networks play an active role in protecting children within their own communities. It offers a unique opportunity for Australia to demonstrate its commitment to utilising its own research to the benefit of a major developing country with which it is establishing strong linkages across many activities. It will strengthen the existing connections among Australia higher educational institutions, Chinese government and non-government organizations, and international NGO.

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council

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Andrew West (Save the Children, UK)

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