Deprivation and social exclusion among welfare agency clients

The main goal of this research funded by ANGLICARE Canberra and Goulburn, ANGLICARE Sydney, ANGLICARE WA, Centacare Tasmania, Community Inclusion Board, Chief Ministers Department, ACT, VIC Department of Human Services, SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Melbourne Citymission, Mission Australia, Queensland Council of Social Service, is to replicate the client survey used in the ARC project 'Left Out and Missing Out', which examined community views on what constitutes the 'essentials of life' in Australia today. The original survey concentrated on the states of NSW and Victoria and this project will extend this to the other states.

Funding Agency

Anglicare, Centacare Tasmania, ACT Community Inclusion Board, ACT Chief Minister's Department, Victoria Human Services, South Australia Premier and Cabinet, Melbourne City Mission, Mission Australia, Queensland Council of Social Services

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