Cross-country study of the effect of parental resources and public policies on inequality in early child outcomes

The focus of this study is inequality in early child outcomes across four Anglo-American countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The project uses data on cohorts from each of the four countries to examine to what extent the differences in public policy across the four countries moderate the links between parental resources and inequality in early child outcomes. The aim of the project is to shed new light on the origins of inequality and social mobility by examining the gaps that exist in cognitive and non-cognitive development in early childhood, across the four countries. The project will also provide some clues as to the role that public policies play, or could play, in reducing those gaps.

Funding Agency

Russell Sage Foundation

Non-Staff Involved

Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University & London School of Economics),

Elizabeth Washbrook (University of Bristol)

Miles Corak (University of Ottawa)

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