Cost of providing specialist disability services and communities services in Queensland

Past project

The research investigates and reports on the cost and funding of the services provided by non-government service providers funded by DSQ and Communities in Queensland. It identifies the resources and tasks associated with all aspects of service provision that incur a cost; determines the current cost of providing services (in existing service models) through analysis of a representative sample of service providers; tests the validity of ‘service clustering’ for costing purposes; identifies changes in the cost of service delivery over time using historical service delivery costs and where possible, future cost projections; examines the reasons for and extent of variation in service costs; reviews current revenue streams for funded non-government service providers, the reliability of the revenue streams and their impact on the viability of the service providers; and undertake research to identify expenditure benchmarks used by other Australian jurisdictions when delivering similar service types/activities.

Funding Agency

Queensland Disability Services

Non-Staff Involved

Lesley Chenoweth (Griffith University) and Sally Robinson (DSaRI)


Fisher KR, 2009, Cost of Providing Specialist Disability Services and Communities Services in Queensland, Social Policy Research Centre, Sydney, SPRC Report, 8/09,

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