Consumer and Carer Focus Groups

Past project

beyondblue commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre to conduct focus group research with consumers and carers. Consumers are defined as people with personal experience of depression, anxiety and related substance use disorders, and carers are defined as family members and friends who care for consumers.

The study aimed to: (i) comprehensively describe the range of needs and experiences of consumers and carers, and (ii) use these as the basis for developing practice and policy recommendations to beyondblue about how best to increase awareness, decrease stigma, promote its impact, and improve treatment. To do this, four key themes were explored in each of the focus groups. These were consumers’ and carers’ perceptions and experiences of:

  • Community awareness of mental health issues
  • Stigma associated with mental health issues
  • The social and economic impact of mental health issues, and
  • Treatment for mental health issues.

Funding Agency


People Involved

Lyn Craig

Non-Staff Involved

Pooja Sawrikar (formerly SPRC)

Bonnie Vincent (beyondblue)


Focus group research for beyondblue with consumers and carers (Final Report) (PDF) [2 Mb]

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