Seminar Series: Housing aspirations, transitions and outcomes of people with disability

Ilan Wiesel

Moving to my home: Housing aspirations, transitions and outcomes of people with disability

People with disability in Australia experience housing outcomes that are inferior compared to other social groups. They are more likely to experience housing stress or homelessness, and are under-represented in owner-occupation. A large proportion of people with disability over 25 years old continue to live with parents, in group homes or in large congregate or institutional settings. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will ensure more people with disability are able to access the support they need to live independently in the community. However, to achieve this, NDIS participants also need to secure affordable and suitable housing, at a time of a severe housing affordability crisis affecting Australians of all abilities.

In this seminar, Ilan will present findings from a recent study funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) that identified some critical barriers but also success factors that enable people with disability to move into housing which better suits their preferences and needs. Although the study focused on people with NDIS or other individualised support funding packages, its findings have broader implications for the general population of people with disability.

Ilan Wiesel (Vizel) is a Senior Research Fellow at the UNSW City Futures Research Centre. His research seeks to understand the roles of housing, urban planning and neighbourhood dynamics in processes of social inequality in cities. Ilan joined the City Futures in 2009, and is currently a Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) Fellow. He has an MA in geography from Tel Aviv University and PhD in urban planning from Melbourne University.

Chair: Associate Professor Karen Fisher

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