Digital Innovation and Big Data: Making cities more inclusive or more divided?


Big data and digital innovation can bring innovative solutions and new possibilities to solve some of society’s biggest problems faced today.

Join us for a panel discussion on how big data and digital innovation, in the context of rapid urbanisation, challenges the future of and the relationship between the economy, society, government and our living environments.

The panel will discuss the following three questions in relation to rapid urbanisation:

  1. How has digital innovation and big data enhanced cities’ capacity to accommodate and govern rapid growing and mobile population?
  2. Has digital innovation and big data empowered disadvantaged people living in fast growing cities?
  3. Have digital innovation and big data changed the relationship between rural and urban society?


Mark Kleinman is Professor of Public Policy and Director of Analysis at the Policy Institute at King’s, Kings College London, UK. He has been a government advisor, working at the No. 10 Strategy Unit when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, a civil servant at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and a policy director for all three London Mayors. In these roles, he has led a range of policy work on Economy and Business, migration, urban governance, regulation, smart cities and technology, housing and homelessness and Brexit. As an academic, he has held posts at the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics, as well as a chair in International Social Policy at the University of Bristol.

Karen Fisher is a Professor at the Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney. Her research interests are the organisation of social services in Australia and China; disability and mental health policy; inclusive research and evaluation; and social policy process. Karen applies mixed methodology and adopts inclusive research methods with people with disability, families, policy officials and services providers.

Bingqin Li is a SHARP Associate Professor and Director of the Chinese Social Policy Program, Social Policy Research Centre, at UNSW Sydney. Her research is on social policy and governance. Current projects include local government motivation in delivering complex social programs, social inclusion and integration, urban governance, and technology change and social policy.

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