Buying Power: A History of Women as Consumers, 1902-2010

The project aims to give women an autonomous history of their own as proactive consumers altering spaces outside the domestic sphere. This approach can be applied to consumption histories in different geographical contexts. 

Using Filipino elite and migrant women as a case study, this project endeavours to alter the view of women as peripheral to the economic history of the Philippines. Our sources involve women’s magazines, ‘migrant archives’, interviews and ethnographic mapping. This project will reveal that women have had an enormous influence on the business world outside the domestic sphere.

This project will produce a new history of the impact of women’s consumption practices on the economy, business and spaces of consumption in the twentieth century. It will enhance Australia's excellent international reputation in the field of women in Asia and foster links with academics in Asian American studies. 

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council / Discovery Project (DP170102661)


Professor Mina Roces

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