Dr Petiot, the reputation of the Racing club de France, and the dangers and opportunities of cohabitating with Germans during wartime

How did the reputation of Racing Club de France, one of France's most esteemed sporting associations, fall so far that a serial murderer could use it to sully a witness against him? A closer look at the conduct of Racing Club de France during the war demonstrates how one organization interacted with the occupation authorities and the Vichy state to make the Occupation bearable for their members and the preserve the vitality of the club’s social and cultural life.

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Keith Rathbone (Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2015) researches twentieth-century French social and cultural history. His manuscript, entitled A Nation in Play: Physical Culture, the State, and Society during France's Dark Years, 1932-1948, examines physical education and sports in order to better understand civic life under the dual authoritarian systems of the German Occupation and the Vichy Regime. In investigating physical culture, he addresses historiographic issues such as the continuity between the Third Republic and the Vichy Regime, the gendered ideology of Vichy sports programs, and the development of collaboration and resistance.

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