Using Photovoice with students with autism spectrum disorder to support their engagement in high school

Students with autism spectrum disorder experience difficulties with social communication and interaction and demonstrate restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests, or activities. The characteristics associated with autism spectrum disorder among other factors may lead to low levels of engagement in school.

This course will introduce participants to the participatory action research approach, Photovoice. Photovoice is often used with marginalised populations to enable them to have a say in matters concerning them and to make positive changes to a situation if necessary.

Participants will learn how to implement Photovoice in school with students with autism spectrum disorder to enhance various skills such as communication, self-determination, and self-advocacy, and in turn support their engagement in school. Ethical and practical issues regarding the implementation of Photovoice in school will also be discussed.

About the Presenter

Dr Joanne Danker is a lecturer in Special Education at School of Education at UNSW Australia. Her research interests include the well-being of students with developmental disabilities (i.e., autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities), and using innovative research approaches such as Photovoice to enable the authentic voices of the often silenced and marginalised children with disabilities to be heard. Prior to her academic career, Joanne worked as a mainstream primary school educator in Singapore for about 10 years


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