Transition Planning for Students with Disability pre K-12

Students with disability often require support and adequate planning when transitioning into, between grades, levels, and from school to post-school life. These students can benefit immensely when individual transition plans are collaboratively created and implemented by stakeholders. This all-day seminar will provide attendees with an understanding of: the nexus between individual education plan goals and objectives and individual transition plans; the skills to create individual transition plans with the input from students, their families, and other services; and an understanding of transition assessments that can inform plans. Topics covered include: When to start planning for transition; What is contained in a quality individual transition plan; Transition goals and objectives; Self-determination; Assessing for and of transition goals and plans.

About the presenter:

This seminar is ideal for educators who are working with students with disability at all educational levels, and especially at the secondary level. Dr Sue O’Neill researches the transitions of students with disability and youth at-risk and teaches the only dedicated course on transition planning at the post-graduate level in Australia. Sue has published a number of articles and book chapters in this area, and has presented at local and international conferences on transition planning. Sue recently completed a research project for two NSW departments in evidence-based transition planning and supports, and is also working with several educators in developing countries to develop a culturally responsive model of transition planning and support that utilises local community resources to increase the inclusion and wellbeing of young people with disability.


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