Promoting effective learning of subject content and language among EAL students

In this workshop, we will reflect on the linguistic challenges that EAL students may have in learning subject content in Australia. We will discuss the literacy challenges in textbook materials for EAL students and find out how we may help reduce these challenges in teaching. We will learn about how skilful and underachieving EAL students strategically self-regulate the learning of language and subject content differently and identify what we can learn from skilful ones with regard to self-regulated strategic learning efforts. We will then explore how we can assist underachieving EAL students in their efforts to self-regulate learning more effectively.

The workshop draws on an ongoing project on how EAL students may strategically respond to the linguistic challenges when learning subject content (e.g. science) in the medium of English in Hong Kong. It provides a great opportunity for teachers/educational leaders to reflect on and share their challenges in promoting and supporting EAL students’ learning of language and subject content. Activities are designed to help participants gain a deeper understanding of EAL students’ challenges and identify ways to support them. The workshop also enables teachers and educational leaders with hands-on strategies and techniques to enhance EAL students’ learning of subject content. It also constitutes a platform for them to brainstorm and develop what could be done to promote effective learning of subject content among EAL students.

About the Presenter

Andy is an EAL teacher educator at the School of Education, University of New South Wales Australia. He has been involved in language teacher education in a variety of contexts. At the University of Hong Kong, he was the program director for undergraduate teacher education programs, actively promoting experiential learning to broaden pre-service teachers’ vision and understanding of the world. He has delivered professional development seminars on autonomous language learning for in-service teachers in Hong Kong, as well as talks and workshops on language learning strategy, learner autonomy and language teacher education for language teachers in places such as mainland China and Taiwan. Andy is also an active researcher who is committed to promoting sociocultural perspectives to understand language learners’ strategic learning process. He has recently been involved in a project funded by Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) (Hong Kong) as principal investigator to explore how EAL students self-regulate the learning of English and subject content strategically.


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