Strangely Altered: a Textual and Critical Study of Charlotte Brontë

This project investigates the way social anxieties, provoked by the strangeness of Charlotte Bronte's unorthodox novels, were converted into aesthetic pleasures by publishing institutions and practices. It combines methods from editorial scholarship, literary/cultural history, digital humanities and literary criticism.

Our research will produce an innovative new scholarly print/digital edition of Brontë’s novels and a ground-breaking book-length interpretive study. It also aims to develop a pioneering online critical archive of Brontë manuscripts, texts and contexts. 

Supported by prestigious international cultural institutions (The British Library, Morgan Library, Brontë Parsonage Museum), the project will transform our understanding of Brontë's fiction.

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council / Linkage Project (LP170100364)


Morgan Library & Museum; Curtin University; The British Library; Brontë Parsonage Museum Partner Organisation; The University of British Columbia, Canada


Emeritus Professor Christine Alexander

Organisational units