Drone Witnessing: Technologies of Perception in War and Culture

Current project

We investigate how drones and other technologies of perception are changing how we bear witness and determine the meaning, importance and truth of events. It includes the cultural impact of increase reliance on drones in war and culture. 

The project works in international collaboration with academics across England, USA and Israel. We seek to generate new knowledge about the impact of drone warfare and drone technologies on forms and processes of witnessing. It involves analysing both primary and creative texts and conducting field research into new practices of testimony. 

Anticipated outcomes include a new critical and conceptual framework for understanding the ethical, political, and culture significance of drones. We aim to develop new channels for knowledge exchange between drone and autonomous system designers, humanities scholars and creative practitioners.

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council / Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) (DE190100486)


Dr Michael Richardson

Organisational units