Digital China: From Cultural Presence to Innovative Nation

This project investigates how digital platforms and technologies are enabling Chinese culture and ideas to reach the world. We examine how the Chinese government’s internet strategy is changing power dynamics among political institutions, commercially motivated digital companies, and online communities. 

Our research delves into the consumption of Chinese culture on digital platforms in China, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. This contributes to understanding the implications of China's digital ascendency and outlines its lessons for Australia in the post-resources boom era.

While primarily based in the fields of communication and media, our researchers draw on law (copyright and business law), user experience and big data (user-generated content) methodologies. The findings will be presented in conferences, publications and policy briefings to provide information for digital companies wanting to operate in China. 

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council / Discovery Project Shared Grant (DP170102176)


Curtin University of Technology; The University of Adelaide; University of Wollongong; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Renmin University; The University of Hong Kong


Dr Jing Zhao

Organisational units