UNSW Honours Projects 2019 // Tess Connellan & Sarah Elliott

Hand throwing a paper airplane in a pink sky.

A short film with an unconventional friendship. A dancer asking, what does the body remember?




Work 01


Writer & Director // Tess Connellan 

An original short film.

Tap is an original magical realist short film. At its core, it is about friendship: Finn is a 12 year old tap dancer who rehearses in the basement of his home. His whole world is dance, the rest of it scares him. His only friend is a neighbour, Lucy, an obsessive explorer who can hear his taps from across the street. She gives Finn the Morse code alphabet, just for fun, but has unknowingly handed him a way of telling the truth about his very imperfect life. Lucy is about to find out that hope can be more miraculous than she thinks.

Work 02

Shadow Work

Choreographer & Performer // Sarah Elliott
Composer & Musician // Eitan Muir

Always present, even when it’s not visible.
Leaving and returning.
Composing and decomposing.
Becoming and unbecoming.
It grows,
And it transforms,
And it fades,
But it’s still there.
It’s always there.
Changing, disappearing, collecting, accumulating.
It lingers, it lasts.
Traces in my mind, my body.
It’s mine but it’s not.
Its old and it’s new.
It’s the same but it’s different.

At times, the weighty presence of physical memory can feel constricting – binding us to the past. But it is from this place that freedom and exploration is born, allowing composition and transformation to occur.

How does body memory enrich the creative process?

Shadow Work looks at the dance-specific knowledges that are inscribed in the dancer’s body as archive – influencing the way the body moves, thinks, and imagines.



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