Solo 2020

Watch This Space

Are you there? Where is here? What is we? When was time? 

Thirteen 5 minute solo performance works have been created at home by UNSW Solo Performance Making students to bring you an evening of streamed discoveries. Live acts. Documents of live acts. Performed in a present. Which may or may not be the now. Uncertain times. 

Please join us. Performance is what brings us together. 

To join the event, register and click the 'Watch Now' link at 6pm, Wednesday 12 August. With a mix of live-live and pre-recorded-live performances, we will be live streaming directly to your device, wherever you are. 


WATCH LIVE // Wednesday 12 August, 6pm

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1. Shu Li Lau  //  Habit

2. Eliza Tucker  //  The tail that wags the dog

3. Jessica Franke  //  Red Heart Emoji
Dedicated to Pa

4. Isabelle Clements  //  clickingclickingclicking

5. Adam Dear  //  Thoroughly Modern Man
Thank you: Steven McAnally

6. Reagan Jones  //  Continuously 

7. Emma Wilmore  //  Inside

8. Fanghao Wang  //  爱 
Music: Caro Mio Ben by Hera Park, Lulu Wang from the movie soundtrack The Farewell 
Thank you: Nipun Athukorala

9. Brodie Ackroyd  //  An Invitation 
Music: Samson et Dalila by Anitra Opera Diva

10. Tara Lawson  //  La Scission 
Thank you: Leanne Lawson

11. Natalia  //  Metanoia
Music: Good as Hell by Lizzo, What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

12. Elli Katz  //  Genesis 3 

13. Vanessa Ou  //  Temporal Effects 

Supported by
Bryoni Trezise  //  Course Convenor
Paul Matthews  //  Design Consultation/Event Production

Produced by the UNSW Creative Practice Lab

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Tips for a livestream event:

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  1. Ensure you have a steady internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. To check your internet speed, watch our new video on YouTube. If it plays smoothly, you should be good to go! 
  2. Check your speakers or headphones are working and set to a good level. Sound is important to these works and we want you to experience them fully. Play a song to test it’s all working!
  3. If at any time your stream drops out, or is jumpy, wait a few seconds and refresh your browser. You can always pause or rewind the broadcast. You can also fast-forward, but only up until the live moment (no time travelling sorry!). 
  4. Let a friend know about the stream so you can chat about it after. 
  5. Grab a drink of your choice and settle in!
  6. Click the WATCH LIVE link above. If you have the Microsoft Teams application you can watch using that, otherwise select ‘Watch on the Web instead’. 
  7. Feel free to comment or ask questions in the Q&A panel at any time. The Q&A panel can be opened by clicking the icon in the top right of your window. 

Note: Live stream starts 10 minutes prior to scheduled start time so you have time to set up.

If you have questions accessing the livestream, contact us at:

NOTE // You do not need a Microsoft account or the Teams app to watch the livestream event.

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Click the WATCH LIVE link above.

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Enjoy the show!

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Download these instructions:

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