Snakes & Ladders, Cobra & Lark

UNSW New Music Collective


Think bingo, orienteering, music improvisation, a Mad Hatter’s ‘Anh’s Brush With Fame’, and footy penalty cards... then you may have a clue to this evening of new music!  

With the roll of a dice the evening kicks off with quick musical interpretations of you, loosely scored on the spot by the woman in red, Madame Lark. Think, interpretive Pictionary. Then, follow the map and along the way you’ll be played, musically speaking, by the New Music Collective. At the end of the trail, a musical playground. Half time bell - then sit back and witness COBRA - can you pick the villain?   

Of course, it’s all a game, right? Confess an untold gamble (did it pay off?). What happened on Sports Day that you’d rather forget? How did you always win at Monopoly? We won’t judge you, but a musician may put notes to your secret.   

Experience the Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab in a very different way. From the foyer, dressing-room, props-room, laundry, bathroom and theatre. Follow the music trail as your hosts (did someone mention big hair?) guide you through an evening of never-heard-before spontaneous music.  


Sonya Lifschitz // Artistic Director, Toy Piano  
Christine Johnston (as Madame Lark) // Vocals, Musical Saw, Drawing  
John Napier // Cello 
Adam Hulbert // Modular Synthesizer 
Alister Spence // Piano  
Alistair Johnson // Saxophone  
Emma Korell // Saxaphone 
Jarryd Langford // Saxophone 
Gabrielle Goodman // Clarinet 
Megan Amos // Flute, Piccolo 
Bryony Pyke // Trombone  
Alice Hu // Percussion, Drums 
Kit Spencer // Vocals 
Jennifer Murphy // Vocals  
Melanie Jha // Vocals 

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