A celebration of Brazilian and Balinese rhythm and melody.

featuring the
Sydney Choro Club 

Suwitra Jaya Balinese Gamelan


the image of a Latin guitarist blended with a Balinese sunset

The Sydney Choro Club is grounded in the Brazilian roda de choro or ‘choro circle’. The Club was founded in 2017 by Sara Muller (flute) and Douglas Aguiar (pandeiro) to bring to life in this new setting, choro music, which dates back to at least the late nineteenth century. First created in Rio de Janeiro, choro was normally played in small ensembles comprising virtuoso instrumentalists but the music eventually gave way to the relatively simpler style of samba.

Suwitra Jaya, a UNSW ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of the Balinese gamelan, was founded in 2015 by Manolete Mora. Suwitra Jaya, which is modelled on the Balinese semar pegulingan gamelan, performs traditional Balinese gamelan compositions as well as new works and arrangements for the gamelan.

The music in this concert explores several promising areas for the growth of both choro music and the gamelan, namely, the arrangement and performance of choro music for large ensembles, and, the incorporation of non-Balinese rhythms and instruments into the gamelan.

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