POSTPONED: HDR Seminar // How to Write: A Round-Table

This event has been cancelled. The plan is to reschedule the event for later in the year or publish talks online. We wish to express our best wishes to the community during this challenging time. 

– School of the Arts & Media 


Three lecturers from different disciplines in the School of the Arts & Media have chosen pieces of writing, and during this seminar they will discuss why their piece works and how it might serve as a model in your own writing. The emphasis here will be on the practical challenges involved in writing a thesis, whether scholarly or creative: the problems of form, voice, and so forth.

Michael Hooper (Music), Sigi Jöttkandt (English), and Elaine Zhou (Media).

Bring your questions! 

The chosen works are:

  • Joan Copjec, “The Fable of the Stork and Other False Sexual Theories”, differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 21.1 (2010): 63-73.
  • Jonathan De Souza, “Beethoven’s Prosthesis”, in Music at Hand: Instruments, Bodies, and Cognition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017), 6-27.
  • Tarleton Gillespie, “The Politics of ‘Platforms’”, New Media and Society 12.3 (2010): 347-64.

Please contact Sean Pryor for a copy of these works. 
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