Polyphonica! // Advanced Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Orchestra

A night of jazz. Two big bands extending convention and making the music their own.


Advanced Jazz Ensemble 

Polyphonic HMI // Linda May Han Oh
Lonely Woman // Ornette Coleman, arranged Redman
Blues // Fergus Spencer
Magical Dog // Jan Hammer 

Polyphonic HMI is a piece in two sections. The melody seems to float over the rhythmic accompaniment due to the constantly changing metric structure. The improvisers have to negotiate this shifting form. The piece accelerates as it approaches a finish. 

Lonely Woman comprises a rubato melody over a D pedal point played on the bass(es). The rhythmic underpinning has been re-arranged with a contemporary drum and bass feel. Apart from the pedal point, the improvisational direction is relatively unrestricted. 

Blues is a medium tempo swing blues with a conventional form that takes advantage of the ambiguity and openness created by extending and altering conventional harmony. 

Magical Dog is a piece composed in an irregular 11/8 meter, but with a high energy funk groove. The melody is divided into four sections and displays influences from Indian Karnatic musical practice. Improvisations occur on a number of these sections.  

Jazz Orchestra 

Paranoid Android // Radiohead arr. Kirkwood 
The Trudge // Ellen Kirkwood
The Shadow of your Smile // Johnny Mandel and Paul Webster, arr. Andrew Murray
Haijinks // Ellen Kirkwood

Paranoid Android is a quirky swing big band reimagining of the twisted and melancholic Radiohead hit from the 90s. It features moody vocals, lush horns and moments of angsty outburst.  

The Trudge grooves with a slow but raucous New Orleans feel, featuring horn stabs and countermelodies over a catchy low-register melody, and a lot of characterful drums.  

The Shadow of Your Smile, a well-known jazz ballad, was arranged by Melbourne trombonist Andrew Murray and grooves in a slow Bossa-Nova feel. 

Haijinks is an upbeat, gypsy-style piece in (mostly) 7/8, inspired by the music of popular Romanian band Taraf de Haidouks. It features florid melodies, robust Balkan brass and off-kilter oompah!  

The Ensembles

Advanced Jazz Ensemble
Alister Spence // Piano + Director 
Lynx Van Den Brynk // Soprano Saxophone
Lachlan Anderson // Ttenor Saxophone
Jethro Anderson // Guitar
Phillip Langshaw // Electric Bass
Fergus Spencer // Electric Bass 
Tristan Lacey // Drums 

Jazz Orchestra
Ellen Kirkwood // Director + Conductor
Rebecca Mathews // Vocals
Lynx Van Den Brink // Soprano + Alto Saxophones
Ryan Hall // Alto Saxophone
Blaize Cavalera Sivis // Baritone Saxophone
Peter Kostopoulos // Trumpet
Ryan Shofner // Trumpet
Oscar O’Donnell // Trumpet
Jaden Victoria // Trombone 
Sam Sutherland // Bass Trombone
Jaikob Ivanek // Guitar
Arnold Kam // Piano 
Fergus Spencer // Electric Bass 
Jonas Tay // Drums 


Organisational units