The Pharaoh from Monaro // A Tribute to Graham Caldersmith

Presented by the Caldersmith Ensemble
Director // Janet Agostino


Graham Caldersmith was a renowned Australian luthier who made a unique contribution to the guitar world through the creation of his ‘guitar family’ instruments. Professional and amateur guitarists come together in the ‘Caldersmith Ensemble’ showcasing Caldersmith’s requinto, standard, baritone and bass guitars. Graham was also an enthusiastic bush poet. The Pharaoh from Monaro blends a narration of one of Graham’s iconic poems and music themes arranged for guitar family by Janet Agostino. It is a tribute to Graham’s lifetime of creativity and passion for instrument-making.

You’re invited to be part of the audience for this very special event. This short (approximately 7 minute) work is to be performed three times through to ensure adequate material to create a wonderful video of the performance.

a photo of the musicians
The Caldersmith Ensemble
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