Beyond Refuge: Dialogues – Short films from refugee and asylum-seeker artists

Woman walking among hanging clothes
Image: Screen Still from film, My Name is Mohammed and Raghad; We Don't Exist Here Anymore by Ali Mousawi.

Curated by CuriousWorks. Organised through a collaboration with Valentina Baú, UNSW School of the Arts and Media and UNSW Creative Practice Lab.
This event is part of UNSW Diversity Fest


Beyond Refuge has been a three year creative development program for artists who share an asylum seeker and refugee experience, produced by Western Sydney-based organisation CuriousWorks. Recently arrived and first generation artists collaborated to give voice and vision to new stories of our times, from the kernel of an idea through to the creation of unique film and photo-media projects. A team of experienced Australian artists and community collaborators, led by CuriousWorks, supported each artistic team and produced the works, focussing on process, voice and professional opportunity.

The outcome of this experience is Beyond refuge: dialogues, a set of five commissions from artists who share an asylum seeker and refugee experience. Each artist has developed, on their own terms, a cinema poem to express a fundamental story that resonates with their lives and the lives of many people who share this experience.

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  • Calendar 
    + short talk from director Ali Al Azeez
  • Trinity: a short film about three friends 
    + short talk from director Samia Halabi
  • El Baile
    + short talk from director Daisy Montalvo
  • My Name is Mohammed and Raghad. We Don’t Exist Here Anymore 
    + short talk from director Ali Mousawi
  • New Home, New Hopes 
    + short talk from photographer-creator, Elham BehinAein
  • Q&A

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The films first screened at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as part of Head on Festival 2019. The project received support from the Australia Council for the Arts, Fairfield City Council, Liverpool City Council, Parramatta City Council, Blacktown City Council and Create NSW. Project partners include Settlement Services International, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Mt Druitt Learning Ground and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre - with significant support coming directly from the community in terms of research, locations and performance.

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