Music Practice Rooms

    ATTENTION MUSIC STUDENTS: Important information to ensure we have a safe return to campus

    Dear Music Students

    Welcome to T3, we are looking forward to seeing you back on campus.  It is critical you do not become complacent, continue to actively monitor the health advice and UNSW community emails relating to COVID-19. If restrictions need to be tightened again in the future you will be informed. To ensure a safe return to T3 there are some changes in the way we do things outlined below. Please read carefully and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to your course convenors.

    Prior to returning to campus

    All students must have signed off on their COVID Student Health and Safety Agreement which outlines UNSW’s expected behaviours and safety guidelines. Check the locations of your classes as there has been some changes in room allocations.

    Using SAM spaces

    On entering any SAM room in webster you must:

    Scan the QR code on entering

    Each room has cleaning products such as cleaning spray paper towel and hand sanitiser. Please wash your hands and your immediate work area on arrival and departure and dispose of the waste in the bins provided.

    Students and staff in a studio class will be expected to wipe down instruments, chairs, music stands or other equipment they will be using at the beginning of class and after usage.

    Instruments in general MUST NOT be shared. The sharing of piano/keyboards, piano and drum stools and kits is unavoidable if there is more than one player of that instrument. Keyboards will need to be cleaned after use, using disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray and paper towels or microfibre cloth (for pianos) provided. If the instrument cannot be wiped clean due to its fragility, then it must not be used for a period of 3 days.

    If an instrument as above must be shared the following must take place:

    ·         Instrument/equipment must be wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant.

    ·         Gloves must be worn to use the equipment/ instrument.

    ·         There must be a 4-day period between usage if neither of these precautions is able to be met (e.g. due to fragility or composition of the instrument).

    No sharing of mouthpiece instruments

    No Sharing of pencils, music

    Always take your belongs with you. Never leave anything behind in the rooms.

    Drummers and percussionists to provide their own sticks and mallets. For instruments using specialist sticks that belong to UNSW, these sticks not to be shared within a single rehearsal session.

    Drums to be set up and adjusted by players sanitising hands before and after.

    Electric guitarists and basses should use their own instrument, and a single lead used by each player for the duration of a rehearsal.

    Amplifier controls and touch surfaces to be wiped down between users.

    Only solo singers permitted a minimum of 5m distance from other people and must not be above the audience. Singers to sanitise hands before handling microphone cables, and either provide their own microphone, a microphone cover or sing acoustically.

    Students involved in playing woodwind instruments (maximum of one in a group) as part of an instrumental group will maintain a physical distance of at least 3 metres from each other, and these performers (especially flute players) should avoid pointing the airflow from their instruments towards others. A distance of at least 3 metres from performers should be maintained for any persons in the vicinity of these performers (e.g. conductor, audience, other performers). Players of wind instruments to be provided with disposable absorbent mats for condensation on stage, each player is responsible for disposing of the mat safely into bins prior to leaving

    Performance lab classes a max of 4 students perform at any time.

    Abide by all signage and COVID capacities

    Booking a practice room

    Webster G01-G07

    Covid capacity 1 (except G06 – 2 if both pianists)

    Book via online booking system

    Enter via swiping student card

    Reduced booking time – Monday to Friday, 9- 5.30. Half hour between each booking. (student’s previously had 24/7)

    Bookings 1 hr per session, max booking 2 x 1hr sessions per day.

    You must abide by the guidelines stated in the “Using SAM spaces above” .

    Register with QR code at the beginning of the booking.

    The school will do random check to ensure restrictions and guidelines are not being breached.

    Always follow the signage posted.

    DO NOT Congregate in the corridors

    Webster G16, G17, G18, 306, 331, 334

    Book with school office via email, phone or at reception

    At the time of the booking you will report to school office to collect a swipe (current process)

    You must to abide by the guidelines stated above.

    School will do random check to ensure restrictions and guidelines are not being breeched

    Maximum booking time – 1hr

    Maximum number of students rehearsing at any one time – 4 

    Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the School or discuss with your course convenor

    Webster Music Rehearsal Rooms

    The Robert Webster Building has 7 small practice rooms and 6 large rehearsal rooms that are available to students enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program (single or double).

    If you notice any equipment missing or damaged, please report it to the SAM office - (02) 9385 4856. 

    Non-Music Students

    It may be worth your while to join Arc - UNSW Student Life for FREE. They have music rooms available to students to hire.

    Visit the Arc website for more information.

    External Stakeholders

    Unfortunately, we can no longer permit external hiring to our guests due to UNSW policies. 

    *Information below was updated on 28 February 2020 (pre-COVID). 

    All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music (single or double) degree(s) are automatically provided with swipe access to these rooms on their student card. 

    These rooms are available to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    To book these rooms, visit FASS Meeting Room Booking System and log into the booking system with your z pass. 

    Bookings are restricted to 2 hours per day, per student. 

    *Information below was updated on 28 February 2020 (pre-COVID). 

    These music rooms, though primarily teaching spaces, can be booked by students for larger ensemble practices, or for use of the specialized instruments/ equipment kept in them. Bookings are restricted to 2 hours per day, per student and for Bachelor of Music students only. 

    To book these rooms, students must email, call or visit the School of the Arts and Media (SAM) Office, with your student card and provide the information below: 

    1. Student ID and Your Name 
    2. Room, Time and Date 
    3. Course/ Ensemble you are practising for 
    4. Names of other students in the room with you 
    5. What instruments will be used inside the room 

    Email or call (02) 9385 4856

    If you wish to book a larger room after hours, this must be negotiated with SAM office staff. You must make your request before midday Wednesday for the following Friday to Friday period. (For example, if you were booking for week 4, you would need to make your request by midday Wednesday week 3). 

    We will do what we can to accommodate you, but please do not take after hours bookings for granted as we will not book out rooms after hours if instruments/ equipment within are damaged or vandalized. 

    For after-hour access, please email the school office the information above. Once permission is granted you will receive a confirmation email. The school office will then notify security to grant you access to the large practice rooms. Please contact security at 02 9385 6000 to be let into the rooms. 

    *Information below was updated on 28 February 2020 (pre-COVID). 

    Small Practice rooms

    Rooms G01 - G05

    You will find an upright piano, 2 x music stands and 2 x chairs in each room.

    Room G06

    You will find 2 x baby grands, 4 x music stands and 2 x chairs.

    Room G07

    You will find an upright piano, 3 x music stands, a bass amp, a guitar amp, a drum kit and 2 x chairs.

    Large Rehearsal rooms

    Room G16

    • Grand piano
    • Drum kit
    • Bass amp
    • Guitar amp
    • Keyboard
    • Keyboard amp
    • PA
    • 13 x music stands

    Room G17

    • Grand piano

    Room G18

    • Grand piano 
    • Drum kit
    • Bass amp
    • Guitar amp
    • Keyboard
    • Keyboard amp
    • 13 x music stands
    • Glockenspiel
    • Xylophone
    • Tamtam

    Room 306


    • Grand piano
    • Drum kit
    • Bass amp
    • Guitar amp
    • Timpani

    Room 331

    • 2 x Marimbas
    • Vibraphone
    • Bongos

    Room 334

    • 2 x Grand piano
    • Drum Kit
    • 13 x music stands

    *Information below was updated on 28 February 2020 (pre-COVID). 

    In a separate storeroom, we have the below list of equipment for student use in conjunction with a room booking. If you wish to use any of the below, please contact SAM staff to sign out.

    • Microphones 
    • Microphone cables 
    • Microphone stands 
    • Portable PA
    • Bass amp
    • Guitar amp

    If you notice any equipment missing or damaged, please report it to the SAM office ( or 02 9385 4856).

    Organisational units