Music Ensembles

Ensembles You Can Join

Open to all UNSW students by audition: UNSW Orchestra, Burgundian Consort, Jazz Orchestra, Latin Jazz Conjunto, Medical Music Society Orchestra, Tango Ensemble. 

Open to all UNSW students no audition: Collegium Musicum Choir, UNSW Wind Symphony 

Open to any UNSW students through the courses BA Performance Labs A/MUSC1708 (12UOC) or Music Ensemble/MUSC4706 (6UOC), as well as all UNSW BMus students: 

Audition or Submission required: Advanced Jazz Ensemble, Bulgarian Voices, Burgundian Consort, Chamber Music Ensemble, Colla Voce, Contemporary Composition Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Intermediate Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra, Sound Lab Live, Tango Ensemble. 

No Audition required: Balinese Gamelan, Chinese Music Ensemble, Fundamentals of Improvisation, Handbells Ensemble, Jazz Composition Ensemble, Jazz Keyboard Ensemble, Latin Conjunto, Sound Lab Studio, West African Drum. 

Performance Lab Students 

Students enrolled in a performance lab course must participate in an ensemble as a course requirement. These students must be aware that they need to attend 80% of ensemble classes as they would any other SAM class in order to meet the course requirements. These students will do part checking in Weeks 10 or 11, depending on the ensemble, and will receive an ensemble grade and feedback. 

Students must also register/audition for an ensemble during O-Week as all ensembles start in Week 1. If students find themselves not signed up to an ensemble by Week 1, they must contact their convenor immediately. 

Below are details of how to sign up, or audition for each ensemble for Trimester 2019. 

Organisational units