Music Audition Registration 2022 Entry

Welcome to our Music Audition Registration page!

We are offering an early audition round in August, in addition to the main round audition in November. Please submit your music audition registration form now to ensure that you're prepared for the UNSW Music Audition at the School of the Arts & Media. 

Once you have completed and submitted this form, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’re registered to participate in our UNSW Music Audition for 2022 entry. 

Please note, there are two stages to the audition process: 

  • Stage one: Online musicianship test
  • Stage two: Online performance audition 

Only applicants that pass the online musicianship test will progress to the online performance audition. As a registered applicant, you’ll receive an email with a link to stage one. For dates please refer to Music Audition Information page. 

In addition to completing this audition process, you must also apply directly to UAC, UAC International or UNSW Direct Admissions. We advise UAC and Admissions which of their applicants passed our audition and they will determine who ultimately receives an offer.  

Passing our audition will not guarantee you an offer, but you must pass our audition to be considered by UAC or Admissions. See below our current degree options and their UAC codes.

  • Bachelor of Music 422500
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) 422531
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts 422501
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Commerce 422510
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education (secondary) 422502
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) 422520
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Law 426050
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Media (Communication and Journalism) 422503
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Media (PR and Advertising) 422504
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) 422505
  • Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Science 422530


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The second stage of the audition process requires the submission of a reference. If you pass the first stage, we may need to contact your referee.

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Privacy Note: Information gathered from this page will be used for the purposes stated and will not be resold or used for any other purpose without your permission. You will not be sent any information other than about the audition application process.

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